Ceres Chill

Focused on new mothers, this brand invented a first-of-its-kind product for safely storing breast milk for up to 20 hours.


Ceres Chill


Branding, Shopify Development




Client Overview

Ceres Chill, a prominent player in the Baby, Nursing & Maternity industry, specializes in innovative products catering to new mothers. Their flagship product, the Ceres Chill OG Chiller, offers a unique solution for nursing mothers, but its benefits required clearer communication to resonate with potential customers. Ceres Chill sought to revamp its online presence to reflect modernity and effectively convey the value proposition of its products.

Project Objective

The primary objective was to redesign and develop a new website that would modernize Ceres Chill's online platform, focusing on the OG Chiller product. The challenge was to create a visually appealing interface that educates visitors about the benefits of the Chiller while seamlessly guiding them towards conversion.


Complex Product Explanation: The OG Chiller's functionality required clear and concise explanation for visitors to grasp its benefits. 

Outdated Design: The existing website had a dated appearance, failing to reflect the innovative nature of the product.

Branding Enhancement: Ceres Chill needed a cohesive branding strategy encompassing color palettes, fonts, and graphical elements to enhance brand identity.


Interactive Product Showcase: To address the complexity of the OG Chiller, we developed an interactive bottle view feature on the website. This allowed users to explore the product's features intuitively, enhancing understanding and engagement.

Modernized Design Elements: Implementing an updated color palette, contemporary fonts, and visually appealing icons transformed the website's aesthetics. The design overhaul ensured consistency across all brand touchpoints, elevating Ceres Chill's image.

Functional Website Development: Leveraging best-in-class design principles, we crafted a user-centric website that prioritized ease of navigation and conversion optimization. Every element was meticulously designed to guide visitors towards making a purchase.


Increased Conversion Rates: By focusing on product features and enhancing brand elements, the revamped website experienced a significant boost in conversion rates. Clearer communication of the OG Chiller's benefits facilitated better decision-making among potential customers.

Enhanced User Engagement: The interactive bottle view feature captivated visitors, resulting in prolonged site engagement. The modernized design elements contributed to a more immersive user experience, fostering brand loyalty and repeat visits.

Sales Growth: The culmination of a sleek design, informative content, and streamlined user experience translated into tangible sales growth for Ceres Chill. The website became a potent sales funnel, driving revenue and establishing the brand as a leader in the industry.


Through strategic design and development interventions, we successfully transformed Ceres Chill's online platform, aligning it with contemporary standards while effectively communicating the value proposition of the OG Chiller. The project exemplifies the power of cohesive branding and user-centric design in driving business growth within the competitive Baby, Nursing & Maternity market.

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