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Client Overview

Cabi, a prominent brand in the women's apparel and accessories industry, sought to regain profitability and efficiency in their paid advertising campaigns. Despite their strong presence in the market, previous agency efforts had resulted in overspending without commensurate returns.

Project Objective

The primary objective was to restore profitability and efficiency in Cabi's advertising campaigns while maximizing e-commerce conversions. This required scaling back spending while simultaneously enhancing return on ad spend (ROAS) and overall profitability.


Overspending: The previous agency had scaled ad spend significantly without yielding the desired returns.

Maximizing Conversions: There was a need to focus on generating higher e-commerce conversions while ensuring profitability.

Growing ROAS: Achieving a positive return on ad spend was paramount for Cabi's financial sustainability and growth.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, our team implemented a multi-faceted strategy tailored to Cabi's specific needs:

Datafeed Optimization: We conducted thorough optimization of data feeds to enhance the performance of shopping ads on both Google and Facebook platforms.

Campaign Segmentation: We segmented campaigns on each platform to target both remarketing and prospecting audiences effectively.

Tailored Creative Approach: Our team developed customized creatives aimed at engaging both new and returning customers, ensuring that messaging resonated with each audience segment.

Enhanced Targeting: By incorporating more customer data into each platform, we improved targeting precision, reaching audiences more likely to convert.

AI-Driven Campaigns: Leveraging advanced AI-driven tools such as Performance Max in Google and Advantage+ in Meta, we optimized campaign performance and efficiency.


After six months of managing Cabi's paid advertising campaigns, our efforts yielded significant results:

Facebook Ads ROAS: Achieved an average return on ad spend of 250% greater than industry average, signaling a substantial improvement in campaign profitability.

Google Ads ROAS: Achieved an average return on ad spend of 250% greater than industry average, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategies in driving profitable conversions.


Through strategic campaign management, data-driven optimization, and tailored approaches to audience targeting and creative messaging, we were able to help Cabi overcome their advertising challenges and achieve remarkable results. By refocusing on profitability and efficiency, our partnership with Cabi has not only revitalized their paid advertising efforts but also positioned them for sustained growth and success in the competitive women's apparel market.

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